Power Ups IO Games

Power Up and collect as many upgrades, coins, points, and victory beacons as you possibly can! Our collection of Power-Up games encourages you to collect points, upgrade abilities, and outrun the enemy. If you’re up for it. The enemy is all around you, you’re surrounded and without hope. Perhaps, the only way out is through! Don’t let yourself get flanked by the baddies and always be ready to pivot on a dime. The enemy is everywhere, it will follow you, it will surprise you, and if you let it: it will consume you. Hunt down the power up and victory points you will need to upgrade your powers and abilities. Increase your speed, your agility, and even unlock brand new skills. It’s up to you as you drift through increasingly harder levels of minions and obstacles. Compete online in multiplayer mode High score  and leaderboard ratings Play with mouse or keyboard Develop and hone skills over time